Service Training

Service training that helps achieve maximum clinical benefits from your equipment

At Zetta, we offer service training to our business partners. Our service training program includes classroom lectures and hands-on laboratory sessions conducive to learning. The training sessions are led by Zetta’s own experienced Technical Support Team. Our advantage is 11 fully functional staged systems with the latest technology and newest systems available in the market. Our training programs are custom tailored to the individual being trained based on their relevant experience and background. Aside from the staged CT, MRI and PET/CT equipment, Zetta owns and services equipment from the major manufacturers.

Systems Supported:

  • GE: CT, MRI and PET/CT
  • Siemens: CT, MRI and PET/CT
  • Philips: CT and MRI
  • Toshiba: CT and MRI

Zetta’s team of experts have developed numerous CT, MRI, PET/CT, service training programs and certified over 120 field service engineers. Our classes are designed to cross train engineers from OEM to OEM with same modalities. Our diverse and full range training courses start from basic to expert level.

Training Supported:

  • GE MRI: Horizon, LX and Excite Platforms
  • GE CT: ProSpeed, HiSpeed, CTi and LightSpeed
  • Siemens MRI: Symphony, harmony , Avanto and Espree
  • Siemens CT: Somotom Plus IV, Volume Zoom , Sensation Series and Definition Series
  • Siemens PET/CT: Biograph Series
  • Philips MRI: Intera and Acheiva
  • Philips CT: MX8000 and Brilliance
  • Toshiba CT: Astieon and Aquilion Series
  • Miscellaneous: GE RF Rooms, Advantx Cathlabs, and AMX IV portables

If you have a specific need for CT, MRI or PET/CT training, please contact us. We can tailor a training session to meet your requirements. Classes are available on a demand basis.