Coldheads and Magnet Services

National helium shortage concerns, demand attention to efficient operating MRI and related components. Zetta can help you prevent unnecessary costs.

The MRI equipment is one of the largest assets you own. Coupled with the national helium shortage concerns, the importance of keeping your MRI magnet and cryo-refrigeration system running efficiently is critical.

Zetta is a recognized industry leader MRI coldhead and subsystems service provider.

Magnet Services:

  • Magnet Ramp and Shim Smart Phone MRI monitoring
  • 4K and 10K coldhead systems
  • Helium & Cryogen fills
  • Magnet Quench Recovery
  • Magnet cool down services
  • Keep-Cold storage
  • Specialized service tools
  • Indoor Mobile Storage
  • Z-PULSE - Remote MRI Magnet Monitoring

We only use OEM specified coldhead tools and test equipment during replacements. Our coldhead products include:

  • Sumitomo
  • Leybold
  • Balzers
  • APD

Contact our parts department at 800-991-1021 and ask about our discounted rates on fully refurbished MRI coldheads, compressors, and flex lines. Our professionally trained engineers are available to perform the replacement and maintenance of your MRI coldhead on-site. Our warranty includes parts and replacement services.

Are you moving? Zetta offers magnet cool down and keep-cold magnet storage services in preparation of your system relocation. Visit our system installation web page for more details.

Interested in Remote Magnet Monitoring? Checkout our automated real-time Z-PULSE solution to monitor your magnet 24x7/365 days per year.

Contact Us if you want to receive information about these parts and service coverage on our comprehensive service agreements.